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The Republic of Latvia (Latvian Latvijas Republika) is a Member State of the European Union (64 589 km², 2 252 060 inhabitants according to 2012 data, capital Riga); Located in north-eastern Europe, it borders on the north with Estonia (267 km), on the east with Russia (217 km), on the south-east with Belarus (141 km) and on the south with Lithuania (453 km) , and is washed to the west by the Baltic Sea. Latvia is a parliamentary republic; the post of prime minister is currently held by Māris Kučinskis, from 11 February 2016, while the current president is Raimonds Vējonis, from 5 July 2015. The official language is Latvian. From 1 January 2014 the Baltic nation adopted the euro, becoming the eighteenth state of the euro area. The euro replaced the lats, the former official state currency.